Application Forms


A. Land Management Services

1. Agricultural, Foreshore, Reclaimed Land or Miscellaneous Lease Application

2. Insular Government Property Sales Application

3. Miscellaneous Sales Application

4. Residential Free Patent Application

5. Application for Permit and Acceptance of Conditions


B. Forest Management Services

1. Application Form for Registration of Chainsaw

2. Application to operate a Wood Processing Plant

3. Application for Registration as Imported/Dealer of Imported Wood Materials

4. Application for Certificate of Registration as Lumber Dealer

5. List of Requirements for Certificate of Registration as Lumber Dealer

6. List of Requirements in securing Lumber Supply Contract (LSC)

7. List of Requirements in the issuance of Wood Processing Plants (WPPs)


C. Protected Areas, Wildlife and Coastal Z0ne  Management Services

1. Certification of Wildlife Registration (CWR)

2. Wildlife Farm Permit (WFP)

3. Local Transport Permit (LTP)

4. Wildlife Export Certification (WEC)

5. Wildlife Import Certification (WIC)

6. Wildlife Re-export Certification (WREC)

7. Gratuitous Permit (GP)

8. Wildlife Special USe Permit (WSUP)

9. Clearance to Operate (CO)


D. Other Forms

1. Personal Data Sheet (PDS)

2. Application for Retirement under RA 660, RA 1616, PD 1146 and RA 8291 / Separation (GSIS)

3. Application for Funeral Benefit (GSIS)

4. Application for Survivorship (GSIS)

5. Designation of Additional/Change of Beneficiary or Beneficiaries for Life Endowment Policy (GSIS)

6. Application for Members Request Form (GSIS)

7. Check Replacement Form (GSIS)

8. Appplication for Life Insurance Benefit (GSIS)

9. Application for Disability Retirement (RA 660/RA 8291) (GSIS)

10. Application for Pre-Need Plans (GSIS)

11. Affidavit of Surviving Spouse (GSIS)

12. Affidavit of Legal/Certified Guardian of Minor Dependent Child (GSIS)

13. Application for Leave (CSC Form)

14. Application for Leave (DENR-NCR Form)

14. DENRNCR Pass-out Form

15. Multi-Purpose Loan Application Form

16. Application for Provident Benefits Claim

17. Office Clearance 2018 Revised for DENR NCR