Planning and Management Division




  • Direct formulation of long-term, medium-term and annual environment and natural resources development plans and policies guided by philosophy and mandate of the Department and approved Regional Development Plans.
  • Integrate and recommend short, medium and long-term plans and programs of the Regional Office based on the Department’s mission, goals and targets.
  • Coordinate with regional and local planning bodies to ensure the region’s plans and programs are aligned with the development priorities of the RDC and those of the local government units.
  • Identify priority activities/projects in accordance with the DENR’s flagship/banner program thrusts for proper programming and allocation of resources.
  • Monitor and evaluate the performance of all the units of the Regional Office to guide management in resolving issues/shortfalls.
  • Design, develop and pilots the implementation of ENR database.
  • Maintain and monitor the IT infrastructure and equipment of the regional office.
  • Maintain and updates Information Systems implemented at the Region.
  • Coordinate regional statistical data collection and reporting for planning, policy formulation and decision making.
  • Develop and evaluate project proposals in coordination with concerned divisions.
  • Perform other functions as may be assigned by the Regional Director/Assistant Regional Director.